DOFF & TORC Cleaning Systems

CIS are delighted to offer our clients a high-quality service with the addition of the latest high-tech equipment available in the cleaning industry. With state of the art cleaning equipment such as the DOFF steam-based cleaning system and the TORC system at hand, we can provide an outstanding service that gets the job done quickly and efficiently.


The DOFF System utilises the deep cleaning capabilities of steam, yet achieves temperatures that surpass any alternative steam cleaning system. At 150°C, the DOFF cleaning system manages to remove even the toughest biological substances and paintwork.  You can also adjust the temperature depending on how difficult it is to remove these substances.

Doff Stone cleaning from CLEANING INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS on Vimeo.

If you’re having problems with moss, algae, fungi or any other kind of biological matter, the superheated water is capable of instantly detaching these substances from walls whilst also killing any potential spores. Due to the effectiveness of DOFF’s steam system, there’s no need to apply chemical biocide solution to your designated cleaning area, either as a removal technique or to prevent biological activity in future.

For the ultimate deep stone cleaning results, we have adopted the exceptional TORC system. The TORC system can be used for a number of different stone cleaning jobs, including the removal of carbon sulphation, paint residues, lime scale, oil based paints, bitumen and lime or cement based paints.

The TORC system operates through the use of a small amount of water, fine granulate and low pressure. These components create a gentle swirling vortex. We can change the nozzle on the TORC system to suit different cleaning jobs. If a large space requires a cement based paint removal job, we can use a larger nozzle. The gentle administration of the TORC system ensures any substrate is left as it was.

If you need DOFF and TORC cleaning services around Sussex, Surrey and Kent, then get in touch for a no obligation quote.